Deček in svet / O menino e o mundo / The Boy and the World

Deček in svet / O menino e o mundo / The Boy and the World

Alê Abreu

Brazilija, 2013, dcp, 80:00

without dialogues
Screenplay: Alê Abreu
Music: Ruben Feffer, Gustavo Kurlat
Animation: Alê Abreu, Bruno Coltro Ferrari idr.
Editing: Alê Abreu
Producers: Fernanda Carvalho, Tita Tessler


The good-natured and carefree Cuca is growing up in an idyllic Brazilian countryside where time seemed to have stopped. The chaotic metropolis is its polar opposite, the city to which his father leaves in search of work. Cuca ventures after him. In the city he observes the social structure of the world marred by media manipulation, Asian garment containers, mechanical animals and huge waste dumps. The life there is nothing like the white countryside, whose pastoral tranquillity is emphasised by vivid colours on a white background and the sound of the flute. Homage to nature and a critique of contemporary society – consumerism, media and industrialisation – shown from the perspective of a boy searching for his place in the world. The imaginary outlook on present-day globalisation will captivate the young and the grown-up audiences alike.


I sometimes get the feeling that the films find us and not vice versa. Cuca suddenly materialised in my notebook, as I was working on another project, Canto Latino. The drawing was special on account of its utter simplicity, and it seemed as if he was waiving at me. More than the drawn character himself, I was overcome by the desire to develop something of such minimalist design. Thus Cuca was placed into his context, the beforehand devised backdrop. His garden. All that was missing was his story inside this universe. And so I started on the script.

- Alê Abreu

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