Lisa Limone in Maroc Orange: Drzna ljubezenska zgodba / Lisa Limone and Maroc Orange: A Rapid Love story

Lisa Limone in Maroc Orange: Drzna ljubezenska zgodba / Lisa Limone and Maroc Orange: A Rapid Love story

Mait Laas

Estonija, Finska, 2013, dcp, 73:00

In Estonian, English, Italian and French with English and Slovenian subtitles

Script: Kati Kovács, Peep Pedmanson
Camera: Ragnar Neljandi
Production Design: Kati Kovács, Mait Laas, Ivika Luisk
Animation: Märt Kivi, Triin Sarapik-Kivi
Music: Ülo Krigul
Sound: Karri Niinivaara
Cast: Iris Vesik, Omar Nõmm ,Peeter Volkonski, Hardi Volmer, Andero Ermel, Risto Joost, Kati Kovacs, Jaan Pehk
Producers: Arvo Nuut, Andrus Raudsalu, Kerdi Oengo, Misha Jaari, Mark Lwoff


A story of impossible love between orange boy Maroc, a singing boat refugee, and singing lemon girl Lisa, who collects seashells and dreams about love.

Maroc is the brave hero-type, bound by prejudice and poverty. Lisa is the daughter of a rich businessman and tomato ketchup plantation owner. Here we have the fruitier version of Romeo and Juliet - an animated operatic extravaganza!


"Lisa Limone and Maroc Orange" is a story of immigration, love and money. It is a 72-minute, animated, puppet opera suitable for both the young and old. The younger audience will love the adventure and love story, but the adults will notice the interesting layers under the surface, which talk about what it takes to stay human and not turn into a machine, of dreams and values, of modern-day Europe and democracy through a lightly ironic and socio-critical viewpoint.



I first came into contact with this idea through the Finnish comic book artist Kati Kovacs in 2006. So I've been working on this project for six years now. At first, it was more of a comic book, but then screenwriter Peep Pedmanson joined the team. I thought long and hard about how to play out these ideas – a love story on one hand, but a story about democracy and immigration on the other. So I decided that an opera would be a good solution.

- Mait Laas

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