Ostržek / Pinocchio

Ostržek / Pinocchio

Enzo D'Alò

Italija, Luksemburg, Belgija, Francija, 2012, dcp, 75:00

In Italian with English and Slovenian subtitles

Script: Enzo D'Alò, Umberto Marino
Editing: Gianluca Cristofari
Production Design: Lorenzo Mattotti
Music: Lucio Dalla
Producer: Antonia Luisa Muccardo, Roebben Anton, Malika Brahmi, Goesens Eric, Nicolas Steil


Based on the novel by Carlo Collodi. Carpenter Geppetto builds a puppet and names him Pinocchio. Upon his numerous adventures, the marionette runs into quite a bit of trouble, but fortunately, a Fairy with Turquoise Hair helps him extricate from his many mischiefs. The Fairy comes along with a Crow, an Owl and a Talking Cricket. Pinocchio later finds himself on the Island of Toys and is transformed into a donkey. After a brave escape, he ends up in the belly of a shark where he saves Geppetto, who had also been swallowed by the shark while searching for Pinocchio at sea.


It's a project that I had being thinking about for over ten years, a story that is still contemporary and that could last ten hours with so many ways of telling it.

- Enzo D'Alò


To bring Pinocchio’s fictional world to life, I combined the realism of the hills, the geometry of Tuscany (crisscrossing lines), and the then rural life with the use of modern, subtle, bright colour. I did not want to lose touch with young generations too much. I examined our roots and landscapes, restricting to the conception of space and graphism as seen in Italy’s painting tradition. Therefore, discernible in the film are paintings by Giotto, Blessed John of Fiasole and 19th century landscape painters, as well as metaphysical art by De Chirico and popart by David Hockney.

- Lorenzo Mattotti

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