Italija, 2014, dcp, 10:00

Collective work (Arte Video, Association Viva Comix)

Art Director: Paola Bristot
Editing: Paola Bristot
Animation: Joni Männistö, Vessela Dantcheva, Gábor Ulrich, Ülo Pikkov, Rastko Ćirić (Screenplay, Co-Writer, Makeup Consultant, Colouring: Selena Pješivac), Petra Zlonoga, Špela Čadež (Animation Assistant: Matej Lavrenčič), Marina Rosset, Regina Pessoa, Magda Guidi
Soundtrack coordination: Andrea Martignoni
Graphic design and titles: Giulio Calderini, Michele Bernardi
Production assistant: Fosca Pozzar Colinassi
Producers: Claudio Zorzenon, Giuseppe Tissino, Paola Bristot
Associate producer: Paolo Polesello
Distribution: OTTOmani

Supported for the Development by Fondo Regionale per l’Audiovisivo FVG (Friuli Venezia Giulia Audiovisual Fund).


The ‘Re-cycling Project’ involves 10 animation artists, coming from different European countries. Each of them will make 1 minute of animation on film, drawing directly on it, using their own style.


Direct drawing on film has a long history. It was one of the earliest techniques of experimental abstract cinema in the 1920s and 1930s, with works by Oskar Fischinger, Hans Richter, Walther Ruttmann. Norman McLaren continued to experiment, creating a peculiar series of films, which later became a milestone for everyone wanting to work with this technique. As a tribute to the master, the concept of this film started with the anniversary of the birth of Norman McLaren!


Ten of the most interesting European animators will continue this "tradition" in a collective opus – RE-CYCLING: Špela Čadež (Slovenia), Rastko Ćirić (Serbia), Vessela Dantcheva (Bulgaria), Magda Guidi (Italy), Joni Männistö (Finland), Regina Pessoa (Portugal), Ülo Pikkov (Estonia), Marina Rosset (Switzerland), Gábor Ulrich (Hungary) and Petra Zlonoga (Croatia).


The idea blossomed from a fertile ground of artistic research conducted in various fields: comics, illustration, visual arts; and is based on an experimental and creative approach with a distinctive situational mark. The ten artists will participate in a game, and will have to follow some basic rules regarding technique, subject matter, length, and predetermined deadlines.

The selected technique is direct drawing on film, although the authors are not specialists in this procedure. This requirement puts them in a position where they are equal, and provides a good chance for them to challenge themselves.


The subject matter relates to an item each artist will have to choose. The ten objects will be collected and then exchanged, so that each author will receive something chosen by someone else, and will not know by whom and why. This creates a fil rouge between the participants: even if they are working autonomously, there will be a connection. This element is the glue that ties the work together, creating an imaginary continuity.


Original style and some surprising elements arising from the applied technique – drawing directly on film – make the result very interesting.


The art director of the film and the author of the ‘game’ is Paola Bristot, Professor of Theory and Technique of Cinema at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, curator of several international visual and graphic art exhibitions and artistic director of Piccolo Festival dell’Animazione.


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