Strah(ovi) pred temo / Peur(s) du noir / Fear(s) of the Dark

Strah(ovi) pred temo / Peur(s) du noir / Fear(s) of the Dark

n French with Slovenian subtitles

Graphic Designers, Lead Animators: Blutch, Charles Burns, Marie Caillou, Pierre di Sciullo, Lorenzo Mattotti, Richard McGuire
Script: Jerry Kramsky, Michel Pirus, Romain Slocombe, Blutch, Charles Burns, Pierre di Sciullo
Cast: Aure Atika, Guillaume Depardieu, Nicole Garcia, Louisa Pili, François Creton, Christian Hecq, Arthur H
Artistic Director: Etienne Robial
Animation: Jean-Christophe Lie, Pieter Vanluffelen, Livia Marchand, Hoel Caouissin, Lionel Kerjean, Jean-Christophe Lie, Yves Fleury-Collet, Pieter Vanluffelen, Livia Marchand, Xiaohua Zhou, Julien Dexant
Editing: Céline Kélépikis
Music: Laurent Perez del Mar, Boris Gronemberger, René Aubry, George Van Dam
Production: Valérie Schermann, Christophe Jankovic
Distribution in Slovenia: Demiurg


Spider's legs crawling on skin…

Things that go bump in the night…

A malevolent presence in an empty house…

A hypodermic needle growing inexorably closer...

A dead thing floating in a jar of formaldehyde…

A giant dog glaring, snarling and baring its teeth…


It is kids who fear the dark, but adults are not immune to it either. Darkness blinds our vision, making us believe we are surrounded by mysterious monsters, repulsive insects and other malicious creatures. In our daily lives, we use expressions such as “dark thoughts”, “dark secrets” or “dark dreams”. The feeling of unease we get in the dark goes back to ancient times.


A bunch of infamous, talented comics artists reveal their innermost nightmares, stripping them of colour and leaving them in the sheer blinding whiteness and pitch darkness of shadowy worlds. Their intertwining stories, each crafted out in a unique style, are glued together to make a hypnotic, surreal animated epic embodying phobias, aversion and nightmares, and revealing fear at its most naked, pristine and intense. A spicy, thrilling, insidious, and occasionally darkly humorous rollercoaster through mysterious vast spaces, which keep us wide awake. A film you don’t want to watch alone!

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