Volčja otroka / Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki / Wolf Children

Volčja otroka / Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki / Wolf Children

Mamoru Hosoda
( NTV )

Japonska, 2012, dcp, 117:00

In Japanese with Slovenian subtitles

Directed by: Mamoru Hosoda
Script: Mamoru Hosoda, Satoko Okudera
Sound: Yoshio Obara
Music: Takagi Masakatsu
Character Design: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Animation Director: Takaaki Yamashita
Art Director: Hiroshi Ohno

Hana was a student before she was a mother. She was bright and pretty, and her future held endless possibilities. Then she met a man, who turned out to be a wolf, and together they built a family. Hana loved her mate fiercely, but fate took him from her, leaving her alone with two unusual kids she didn’t know how to raise. Frightened of being discovered, Hana and her wolf children fled to the countryside to build a new life. Raising her little wild things was an adventure. It left Hana bruised, scratched, exhausted, and joyously overwhelmed as her pups grew stronger and wandered further every day.

This is a mother’s journey. Teach your children to chase their dreams – and smile through the tears as they disappear into the world in search of who they will become. Hana wasn’t always a mother, but it was always what she was meant to be.



When I started Wolf Children, I wanted to outline parenthood, more specifically the point where the relationship starts and where it ends. For me, I believe that a parent’s job is finished when their children become independent. The children then have an opportunity to use what they’ve learned. Unlike my previous films, where the entire story unfolds within 3 days, the passing of time in this story is stretched out over 13 years. It was necessary to show everything that a parent does for their children. It’s not very conventional in that way.

- Mamoru Hosoda


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