Watching the Ball

Germany , 2014, hd, 12'30''



The final match of the world cup 2010: across different countries, cultures and social backgrounds people all over the world watch mesmerized for 120 minutes 22 sweaty men and 1 ball. How will the course of the match impact their life? Will their story interact with the other stories? And by the way: Which team will win?


Watching the Ball is an episode film, where the single episodes alternate in the rhythm of the final match of the Football world championship 2010. Every episode is animated and directed by another artist. Ten animation filmmakers from 5 countries (Anastasia Tasić, Ivan Ramadan, Katre Haav, Krunoslav Jović, Martin Kleinmichel, Michael Schwertel, Nenad Krstić, Tatjana Moškova, Till Laßmann, Uroš Krčadinac, Vid Rajin) trace the unification of cultural diversity back to local stories in an animated film, showing a global phenomenon from different angles.



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