Meet the writers

This year, a crew of six young “Animaphiles” has sharpened its pencils to bring you daily web entries and impressions from Animateka events:


I’m Eva Zibler. I like animated films because they remind me of comic strips and I like comic strips because they remind me of animated films.

My friend Nika suggested I write that I chose Animateka because that’s where cartoons come from.


Veronika Zakonjšek is a

freshly-minted Cultural Studies graduate and amateur blogger. She dedicates her free time to the loves of her life: films, music, books and coffee. She prefers to escape the humdrum of everyday life by finding refuge in a darkened movie theatre where she loses herself in films, both animated and not, which is why she is especially fond of the magical and fantastically bizarre world of animation in December. When not watching films, she writes, reads or thinks about them – nevertheless seizing the occasional opportunity for sleep and fun.


Lovro Smrekar says:

“It’s worth taking part in Animateka, since everything that’s beautiful and good about film, animated film and writing in general comes in one package. This is my second year of takig part in the festival diary; in between, I also wrote a few things for the Festival of Slovenian Film (FSF) and Mad about Film (MAF). Animateka is special, as is animation which through painstaking work brings things (and people?) to life.”


Petra Meterc

Film lover, bookworm and life-long fan of animation, ever since she first saw the Czech Rákosníček cartoons. Animateka is the most welcoming refuge from cloudy December thoughts. 


Maša Katarina Brecelj. About Maša: A serious student. More lost than found. Currently preoccupied with: Why aren’t I funnier?  For Animateka – because we pay less attention to the animated film genre than it deserves. Against Animateka – because it only happens once per year.


Anja Banko

Her head slightly in the clouds, she likes taking words and opinions out for walks. Perpetually lost in everyday life and thus preferring to nestle cosily in darkened movie theatres. Animateka isn’t only December and the cold, mostly it’s the impulse given to time and space.


*** Jernej Pribošič, pedantic Anglophile and film lover, will make sure you can enjoy an animated read in English as well, making sure words and letters never escape the norms of the Oxford Manual of Style.


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