When you have an itchy eye…

When the streets of Ljubljana become enveloped in black-and-white cold, we start to feel the surface of our never-rested eyes begin to slightly itch. An all too familiar feeling accompanying early December, when the eye starts to expand and contract, waiting to finally once again gaze upon the multi-coloured silence of a loquacious world filled with unusual imagery. The images break down the everyday into beautiful nuances and shade truths in unique ways. Animating its depths and dreams.


Between 7 and 13 December, we know where we can scratch those itchy eyes for the twelfth consecutive year. The darkly coloured horizon is surrounded in a special glow. Animateka is coming!


Luckily, the journey between the Kinodvor movie theatre and the Slovenian Cinematheque on the monotonous pavement is a short one. It truly is worth it to take these few steps on a cold day, since nestled in the bowels of the movie theatres lie undiscovered treasures. This year's programme promises to be erotic, tense, documentary, long, short and above all choice.


Once again, the writers of the Festival Diary will treat ourselves to the crème de la crème of what the silver screen has to offer, both for and with you, capturing the scintillating thoughts and atmosphere that give so much needed colour to these drab days.


So, don't resist your itchy eyes, give in to the 12th edition of Animateka!


Anja Banko


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