"I have gathered together a selection of artwork from my first school film to the latest works. Animation is a strong form of art as the technique can support the story and make the final result even stronger. An idea for a film comes to my mind as an image or a visual scene and it often defines the technique I make the film with.


The exhibition displays material from early sketches to storyboards and from character designs to final puppets. Hand drawn frames and line tests of Kuhina reveals how the animation looked like before the material was scanned, coloured and put together in computer. Making of photos and video footage gives a glimpse of how I've worked with stop motion and black film. The 35 mm film stock from Re-Cycling as well as the sketches and artwork for the Animateka poster 2016 shows the techniques I use to bring out colours under the black surface. This exhibition ties up my first ten years exploring the animation wonderland."


5th till 11th December - Kinodvor Gallery, Slovenian Cinematheque

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