Animateka. The Thirteenth Edition.

Dear lovers of animation from around the world, welcome on the pages of this year’s Animateka Festival Diary. While the sun is slowly yet relentlessly shortening the light of day, we have also decided to seek other twilight pastures – pastures illuminated by quite a different type of sun. It’s sometimes drawn with a pencil, sometimes with a brush, at other times, it’s encoded with zeros and ones or created in three dimensional shapes made from tangible materials. And yet, the form clings to the movie screen with 24 images per second.


This year’s 13th edition of Animateka is divided into multifarious and traditional categories, which hide oodles of little secrets – from feature-length to short creations, coming in all sorts of techniques and genres. Once again, we’ll be able to follow the thematically rich and authored compilations, spanning all types of animated film, both on the screen and on these pages. You’re therefore kindly invited to peruse all the events of the day and our musings on what we’ve seen on the Animateka Diary web pages.


Looking at the festival programme, we not only see the all too familiar Competition, Panorama, Best of The World, and Student Competition categories, but also a retrospective of 3D computer-animated films, which will present an overview of the development of this animation technique – from the first pioneering steps to the true artistry of contemporary masters. The Animated Documentary Film programme once again presents creations at the crossroads of two genres, which go beyond the technical limits imposed by the film camera. That, which is usually confined to the traditional borders of the real world, can be rendered within the limitless space of the abstract and imagination. Expect all of this and more from the coming animated week.


Since Animateka is a living Festival – with a capital F – we’d also like to remind you about the number of accompanying events, exhibitions and evening events. These will be dutifully recorded by the Festival’s video team.


The days are getting shorter and colder. Why not take the opportunity to escape the darkness and cold and jump into the colourful world of the 13th edition of Animateka?


Anja Banko

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