Who's Who

Dear reader. During this year's lively and crackling animated week, our diary entries will be written by:


Kaja Blazinšek, adrift in a universe filled with art, who’s not exactly sure on which planet to cast her anchor. As it happens, this time it’s the ever-spinning merry-go-round called Planet Animateka. She can’t wait to see what’s behind Door Number 2!


Benjamin Zajc is a slightly bewildered Dramaturgy and Scenic Art student who’d like nothing better than to discover and digest as many aspects of the world and its culture as possible. Whenever he’s not digesting, Benjamin likes to cook, create, and go out for coffee. 


Zala Klančnik is an incurable film lover who indulges in this particular addiction as often as possible. Film festivals are her weakness, making December – with its Animateka Festival – especially enticing. It’s sure to serve up a dollop of unique animated experiences.


Anja Cimerman usually starts off these sorts of presentations by blandly stating she’s an Architecture student. But that’s far from important. She likes to live fast and several lifetimes at once. For a charming reason she’s not quite sure about, she thinks individuals, who dedicate their time to animation, must be nice people at heart. She likes questions, skills, and freedom.


Mojca Podlesek is a fan of any kind of imagination, which includes animation. She’s therefore decided to move from the comfort of her home to the warm embrace of the cinema seat for the Animateka week. At least a film a day keeps worries away.


Petra Meterc says she’s a lover of films and a bibliophile. She’s also been in love with animation ever since she first saw the Czech cartoon Rákosníček a hvězdy. For her, Animateka is the most hospitable refuge from December’s gloomy thoughts. 


Brina Fekonja is in love – with animated images. Be they cartoons, alive with colours, woven, green with stop motion or made with a computer. Even though she usually prefers to approach them from a practical perspective, she’ll try and condense them into calmly pulsating words.


Neža Vilhelm studied Classics. She’s an avid reader and lover of films, which occupies both her free time and work hours. She’s also a translator, makes subtitles, and works in a bookshop. She’s the proud walker of two dogs and humble servant to two cats, as well as being a true lover of animated images.


Anja Banko is a slightly dreamy word and opinion shepherd. Eternally lost and confused by the day-to-day world, she prefers to snuggle up in dark cinemas. Since she’s not a fan of kitchy December city decorations, she prefers to find refuge in the wonderful anomaly in time-and-space, produced annually by Animateka.


*** Jernej Pribošič, a pedantic lover of English and moving pictures, will make sure all the diary entires are also animated in English.



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