This is The Best of The World

In 2018, Best of the World had its youth wing: Kinotrip’s Best of the World, which has since taken firm root. With films curated for youngsters by youngsters, it complements the four traditional slots.


This year’s selection includes a fair number of filmmakers with a connection to Animateka. Part I starts today at 5 pm with The Physics of Sorrow, an award-winning film by our 2014 artist in residence and jury member Theodore Ushev. A tale of one’s memories of youth and life’s transience, the film is based on a novel by Georgi Gospodinov and was entirely made using the hot-wax painting technique. The same set features the anti-ivory campaign film WildAid – Hankograph by Koji Yamamura, the author of the festival identity in 2007.


Works by former Animateka jury members and artists in residence can also be found in other sets. While Best of the World II features Roughhouse by Jonathan Hodgson, a regular guest at Animateka as well as a former jury member, Best of the World IV includes a new dose of dark stop-motion animation Tomorrow I will Be Dirt by Robert Morgan, along with other masterpieces.


The big names featured in this programme are a good indication of its nature: Best of the World is composed of animated films that are something special, animations that have scooped awards across the festival circuit or have been nominated and are yet to be awarded.

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