Child in Me

Title of the project Child in Me

Estimated budget 55,000.00 €


Thanks to a little girl she meets in the park, one grumpy grandma unwillingly dives into a magical adventure which will help her find the youth she forgot she has and remind her that even rainy days are worth smiling about.

Description of the main story and poetics

Interrupted by a little girl playing in the park, one grumpy grandma’s morning will transform into a magical underwater adventure. In the depths of the unexpected ocean, she will have to find the little girl she lost and the youth she forgot she has. In order to come back to the surface, our grandma will have to learn to remember how joyous life can be. The story is presented through both 2D and 3D animation, contrasting the conflicting worlds of imagination and reality. Told visually, without any dialogue, sound and music elevate the atmosphere and emotions of the journey.


Growing up, I saw many adults seemingly forgetting how it is to be a child and how to find wonders even in the mundane. I often reminded myself not to grow up into such a person, so I wanted to make a film that can serve as a little reminder – to find, even on the rainiest days, a way to once again look at the world through children’s eyes and see all the beauty around us.
I decided to create two worlds that would differ in style – a real world and one of imagination so that the characters can also experience each other’s ‘realities’ and ways of seeing the world around them.
Drawing is one of the earliest ways for children to communicate their imagination; therefore, the underwater world of imagination will be brought to life in the style of 2D animation. On the other hand, because it feels closer to our reality, the real world is shown through 3D animation. They are connected through a giant whale that appears in both realities, serving as a visual symbol of the greatness and importance of imagination.

Since there is no dialogue, the sound design and music will not only bring out the character’s emotions and feelings but also have a role in world and narrative building, transforming the grandma’s underwater journey from a mysterious and frightening – to a grandiose and emotional one.

Director’s biography

Anđela Joković, born in 1999, has been making films as long as she can remember. Her short fiction films brought her awards at national festivals throughout elementary and high school, while her short animations attracted the attention of Jennifer Lee (Disney CCO) and Arshad Mirza Baig (AMB Animation) among others. Graduating in Animation and VFX from SAE Institute in 2019, Anđela has been working at Bunker VFX Studio for the past 2 years, primarily focusing on character animation. Over the years, she has become part of the animation industry in Serbia and has worked with studios such as Spring Onion, To Blink Animation and Slippery Slope, gaining experience in 2D/3D animation, concept art, character design and more. The projects she has worked on include franchises such as Looney Tunes, Star Trek, The Walking Dead and Doom. Supported by the Film Center of Serbia, ‘Child in Me’ will be her debut as a director.

Presentation of the production company

NANA 143 focuses on producing auteur-driven films for both festival and theatrical distribution, and presents a meeting point for young artists with distinctive stories. The company’s first feature, Mamonga, premiered in 2019 at KVIFF. NANA 143 is currently working on the post-production of Roots, a documentary by Tea Lukač, and the development of two animated shorts, Adjusted and Child in Me by Anđela Joković.

Country of production


List of partners on the project so far

Bunker VFX
Film Center Serbia

Amounts already negotiated

29,000.00 €


Director - Anđela Joković

Producer - Andrijana Sofranić Šućur