Title of the project Diogenes

Estimated budget 30,000.00 €


Struggling with the constant search for oneself, our main character leaps out of his devastating emptiness to find the key to self-creation.

Description of the main story and poetics

The story focuses on one man and the emptiness surrounding him. In the first part, we see him on a black background in what appears to be his room, doing his daily routines, with great apathy. His breathing is heavy. With every breath, he wrinkles into old age and back. He struggles to leave the room. He leaves the room in the second part, traveling through vast dark emptiness. He encounters objects in different stages of decay. Struggling through mould, he finally arrives to a great monolithic shape. As he touches it, vines emerge from his body and grass surrounds the emptiness around him.


Working on this script required a different, more experimental approach. The combination of stop motion animation and time-lapse of organic materials and the process of their decay is something with which I have been experimenting for 15 years. I believe this unique and profound process could successfully address this subject. After years of experimenting I have developed a technique which comprises carving organic materials into humanoid sculptures, which are then rigged with an armature for the purpose of animation. This is a very complex technique since animation of these organic puppets/sculptures is dictated by the natural processes of decay which sometimes require very prompt reaction and sometimes patient animation work for days without brakes. The final result is the ultimate metaphor for the impermanence and the decay of the human body.
The visual style of this film is a contrast between simple and complex shapes. The rich colours and textures of the organic materials against a plain black background.

Director’s biography

Krste Gospodinovski is a Macedonian director, animator and university professor. He graduated in painting from the National Art Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria. Since 2009 he has been an associate professor and head of the animation department at the International University EUROPE PRIMA in Skopje. He works both in the field of traditional animation and VFX. As a VFX specialist he has worked on several short and feature films such as Sarah, the Myth (2011), The Woman of My Life (2015), Down from Heaven (2015), When the Trees Fall (2018); as the director of animation he has collaborated on short animated films including Round Trip: Mary (2016), and The Monk (2018). Gottlieb, a film funded by the Macedonian Film Agency, was his debut animated short as a director, and since, he has also co-directed the short animated film Snakelet (2020).

Presentation of the production company

Flip Book Productions is a company based in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. It produces animated works, and owns the physical space (studios) and the equipment for pre-production, production and post-production of animated films, animated TV commercials, and animated musical videos. Flip Book Productions has produced more than 20 short animated, documentary and live action films.

Country of production

North Macedonia


Director – Krste Gospodinovski

Producer – Zharko Ivanov