Title of the project Leptir/Butterfly

Estimated budget 30,000.00 €


A one-shot film about a tiny garden civilization overcoming and learning from a crisis.

Description of the main story and poetics

A flourishing garden is inhabited by various little creatures, each carrying out their own task to create a stable ecosystem. Their way of life is based on water that comes from the fountain. One day, the cycle is interrupted by a random occurrence – a butterfly that gets stuck in the fountain. By the time the butterfly manages to get out, the creatures have already adapted to a new lifestyle based around milk. In the end they decide to use both resources, their lives richer and colourful for having encountered a crisis.


The whole film is one single shot, with the camera zooming in and out at key moments. Multiple things are happening on the screen at all times, and the viewer’s eye can act like a camera and focus on different parts of the scene. Various little creatures inhabit a large, flourishing garden. Each of them is continuously doing their own task, all together creating a cycle that maintains the flow of life in the garden. Their life cycle is based on water, which comes from the fountain in the middle of the garden. All of a sudden, the flow of water is interrupted by a butterfly accidentally lodged in the fountain. The creatures are shaken, but they move on, continuing to do their own tasks. Slowly but surely, they adapt to the new situation by creating a new life cycle that is based on milk. Once they’ve completely embraced their new way of life, the butterfly – again, by accident – flies out of the fountain and the water comes back. The creatures decide to use both resources and continue living in a way that is richer and more colourful than before.

Director’s biography

Sunčana Brkulj was born in Zadar, Croatia. She received her bachelor’s degree from the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb, in 2019, and is currently pursuing a master’s degree. Sunčana made her first film, The Sensitive Prince, in 2018. In 2019, as her graduation film, she created I’m Not Feeling Very Well, which was selected for Annecy, Animafest, Anim’est and other festivals in 2020. It was exhibited at the 35th Youth Salon of HDLU Zagreb, the largest and most highly acclaimed exhibition event for Croatian visual artists under 35. In 2020, Sunčana made The Tower, which has so far been selected for Sommets du cinema d’animation, Reanima Bergen and Animateka. Sunčana has experience working for Adriatic Animation and Recircle studios in Zagreb. In addition to animation, Sunčana has published comics in the KOMIKAZE webzine and put on a cycle of solo exhibitions titled “Inferno” from 2018 to 2020.

Presentation of the production company

Adriatic Animation is an animation studio based in Croatia. The company focuses on the production of artistic shorts for festivals but makes also commissioned films and service work in 2D.

Notable films:

Manivald (D: Chintis Lundgren, 2017)

A Demonstration of Brilliance in Four Acts (D: Lucija Mrzljak and Morten Tšinakov, 2018)

Fall of Rome (D: Balasz Turai, 2018)

Country of production



Director – Sunčana Brkulj

Producer – Hana Tintor

Producer – Laura Martinović