Title of the project: Luknje

Estimated budget: 24,000.00 €


What do you feel when you listen to the ocean or when the northern lights take you towards the storm? Fear? How can you find yourself in this crazy environment? Can you eventually become part of the universe and leave everything behind?

Description of the main story and poetics

You always feel the need for company. You have holes in yourself, and you try to fill them with other people. They somehow fulfil you and without them you feel imperfect, incomplete. Others are your mirror in which you can see yourself. But who are you when there is no one next to you? Deep inside you feel emptiness…There’s a hole…nothingness. Its gravity pulls you into it. You feel fear. But on one cold, windy night everything should change, and you will feel how the northern lights lead you along the path to yourself.


Once upon a time, a friend of mine wrote a beautiful poetic text, a manifesto on loneliness and solitude that would help anyone who is suffering. It is a very abstract text full of metaphors. The text talks about the difference between loneliness and solitude, how one state can be negative and how you can replace it with another that is positive.

“… The day does not exist without the night, the mountain does not exist without the valley, just as loneliness does not exist without solitude…”

“… Find a way, start walking, but know that you will suffer on this journey because of loneliness. You will suffer, but go through it. You will have to suffer for the ecstasy that you will feel afterwards. In the end, the ultimate freedom awaits. This is the home that you are currently missing. Yes, this is the greatest miracle.”

The text is short enough, but I immediately pictured some metaphors in my head, and I think animation can give that freedom of expression. But the story was missing. I made up the story as soon as I started sketching specific quotes. After some sketches, a common thread started to emerge, and I could write the script and the synopsis.

Director’s biography

ofiya Kruglikova graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ALUO), Ljubljana, in 2017 as a visual communications designer. She is now working on her master’s thesis at ALUO, which is a short animated film about loneliness titled Luknje.

Presentation of the production company

The Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ALUO) is a faculty based in Ljubljana, and a member of the University of Ljubljana. The highest educational institution in Slovenia that deals with visual arts, ALUO strives to maintain excellence in its educational, artistic, research and development activity.


Director – Sofiya Kruglikova

Producer – Andrej Kamnik