Veliki val / La grande onda / The Big Wave

Veliki val / La grande onda / The Big Wave


Calabria. Mid-seventies. We are witnessing the entrepreneurial turning point of the most brutal and powerful criminal organization on the planet: the ‘Ndrangheta. The words of the journalist Giuseppe Fava introduce us to the twisted criminal plot that involves the mafia, institutions, banks and business groups. Through his daughter Adriana, we learn about the life and death of an ordinary man: the engineer Gennaro Musella, who tried to denounce that rotten system. Adriana embarks on an intricate journey in search of the truth about her father’s death.

Film info

Directed by: Francesco Tortorella
Production: Made On Vfx
Festival programme: Animated Documentaries I
Year: 2020
Length: 14'55"
Country: Italy

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