Title of the project Switch

Estimated budget 70,000.00 €


At the beginning of their life together, far from the world, a young couple – a man and a woman – discover a mysterious switch. What will this switch unlock in each of them?

Description of the main story and poetics

The plot of Switch follows the relationship of a young couple who begin to build their life together far from the world. The discovery of a mysterious switch, hidden under the ivy of a tree trunk nearby, unlocks their inner aspirations, desires and longings. With time the love fades away and the two characters grow distant and alienated from each other. Switch aims to explore and show the philosophical aspect of the ideal and absolute love, which is impossible without intimacy, warmth, sharing and passion.


Harmonious relationships in intimate partnerships are the engine of human happiness. However, they are often too difficult to achieve when two people share their daily lives for years. The couple is placed under the pressure of personal differences, selfishness, egocentrism, negation, fear and emptiness, which lead to emotional withdrawal and destruction.

In Switch, a young couple starts their life together happily. The man designs a dream house, while the woman explores the natural surroundings. One day she finds a mysterious switch with the inscription “ON” and “OFF” on the trunk of an ivy-covered tree. After some hesitation, she turns on the switch and, to her great surprise, wind begins to blow and gradually lifts her into the air. Strange images, colours and visions begin to appear around her, symbolising everything she would like to experience in the real world. Her flight is joyful and euphoric. After a while, the wind gently lowers her to the ground. Enthusiastic about that incredible discovery, the woman hurries to call the man to embark on an extraordinary flight together. However, the man is always too busy.

From then on, the switch becomes her private and intimate experience, while the man is constantly busy with his tasks and increasingly alienated from his wife. Every time she feels neglected, she goes to the tree with the secret switch.

Director’s biography

Dalibor Rajninger graduated from the College of Fine and Applied Arts in Belgrade. For over 15 years he has been working as a lead animator in animation studios in Belgrade, Budapest and Sofia. He has participated in the production of large-scale projects, such as animated series for the EU and US markets. His personal work includes independent films and a variety of projects in the field of comics, bookplates, illustration, gif animation and music. He has been on selection committees and juries at several international animation festivals.

Presentation of the production company

Compote Collective is one of the leading animation production studios for independent short animated films in Bulgaria, with a record of international co-productions. The films produced by Compote Collective over the last 12 years have been selected at more than 500 international film festivals, bought and broadcast by 4 EU televisions and presented with + 60 festival awards.

Country of production

Serbia, Bulgaria

List of partners on the project so far

40,000.00 € – Bulgarian National Film Center

2,500.00 € – Compote Collective self-investment in development

25,000.00 € – Film Center Serbia – application in Feb. 2021

2,500.00 € – To Blink Animation self-investment – TBC

Amounts already negotiated

40,000.00 €  – Bulgarian National Film Center


Writer, Director - Dalibor Rajninger

Producer - Vessela Dantcheva