Tudi miši gredo v nebesa / Mysi patri do nebe / Even Mice Belong in Heaven (7+)

Tudi miši gredo v nebesa / Mysi patri do nebe / Even Mice Belong in Heaven (7+)


Czech Republic, France, Poland, Slovakia, 2021, 86'
In Czech with English and Slovenian subtitles

Following an unfortunate accident, a feisty little mouse and a shy young fox cub unwittingly find themselves in animal heaven. In this strange environment, they will have to put aside their natural instincts and work together to succeed on their journey through this new world. The little mouse and the young fox share many adventures and unexpected surprises and ultimately become the best of friends.
The film Even Mice Belong in Heaven is about hope, a quest for love and courage, and about overcoming prejudices and old pains. The story reveals that everything that seems to be at an end is the beginning of something else, and what appears to be invincible can be surmounted.

Directed by: Denisa Grimmová, Jan Bubeníček
Written by: Alice Nellis, Richard Malatinský
Based on the book by: Iva Procházková
Art directors: Denisa Grimmová, Jan Bubeníček, Jan Kurka
Cinematographer: Radek Loukota
Editing: Vladimír Barák
Music: Krzysztof A. Janczak
Voices: Marie Nonnenmacher, Vincent de Bouard, Jérôme Pauwels, Antoine Tomé, Boris Relhinger, David Krüger, Marie Bouvier, Benoît Allemane, Alexis Tomassian, Antonia de Rendinger, Patricia Marmoras, Loïc Guinguand
Producers: Vladimír Lhoták, Alexandre Charlet, Grzegorz Wacławek, Jonathan Hazan
Production: Fresh Films, Les Films du Cygne, Animoon, Cinemart production
Distributor of the dubbed version in Slovenia in 2022: Društvo za oživljanje zgodbe 2 koluta

What I like about this story is that it deals with problems that all children face, such as fear. Children experience fear at different levels or intensity, but they all have to deal with it. Just as death and friendship are topics that come up at a very early age. Another very important theme is prejudice. Whizzy always believed that foxes were bad and that she could never be friends with one. But in this parallel heavenly world, where animals can
no longer eat each other, and where they are freed of their natural instincts, Whizzy discovers that she has a lot in common with the fox cub, they both like the same things and have similar opinions. It is a film that says that sometimes it is important to shake up the established order, whether natural or not.
- Denisa Grimmová

This is also a film about love and about self-fulfilment. Our little mouse, Whizzy, strives to find the lost love of her father who died prematurely at the hands of a nasty fox, and she must banish her fears. In this adventure, she crosses paths with another fragile being, Whitebelly, a young fox cub also in search of love, who will do everything to win her friendship and her trust.
- Jan Bubeníček

This film is a real European co-production. At times, the film was being made in eight different locations in Europe. Filming lasted for just over 14 months. We built around 80 sets and created over 100 puppets. We filmed on several different sets simultaneously, with 8 animators, which makes it, in terms of organisation and budget, the biggest stop-motion production ever made in the Czech Republic.
- Vladimír Lhoták

Awards and festivals (selection):
- Jury Special Mention and Audience Award, Anifilm IFAF 2021
- Animated Feature Film Award, International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience SCHLiNGEL 2021
- Golden Goblet for Best Animation Film, Shanghai IFF 2021
- Horizons Selection, Karlovy Vary IFF 2021
- Séances Evénements, Annecy IAFF 2021

Film info

Directed by: Denisa Grimmová, Jan Bubeníček
Production: Vladimír Lhoták, Alexandre Charlet, Grzegorz Wacławek, Jonathan Hazan
Festival programme: Animated Feature Films
Year: 2021
Length: 86'
Country: Czech Republic, France, Poland, Slovakia

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