#uporpoljakinj / #sprzeciw_polek / #polish_women_resistance

#uporpoljakinj / #sprzeciw_polek / #polish_women_resistance

Kratka vsebina

An animated protest created by 49 animators in 48 hours as a response to the decision of the Constitutional Court about abortion ban in Poland.

“Moved and broken by the situation in our country, we, a group of students from the Animation Department of Lodz Film School have decided to act. We strongly oppose the recent events in our country and it’s shameful that such a ruling has been pushed through during this extremely difficult time of pandemic. The Constitutional court has issued a ruling that will end legal termination of pregnancy for fetal anomaly. Many of us are afraid right now, this is why we want to express unity in a just cause.”

Podatki o filmu

Režija: 49 animatork in animatorjev poljske filmske akademije v Lodžu
Produkcija: Polish National Film School in Łódź
Festivalski program: CEE Animation Talents 2021
Leto: 2020
Dolžina: 8’12''
Država: Poland

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