Open Call for 19th Animateka is out!


The 19th edition of International Animated Film Festival Animateka is inviting authors of short animations to submit their films for the Main Competition Programme (short animated films from Central, Southern and Eastern Europe), Elephant in Competition Programme (international program of short animated films for children) and Competition Programme European Young Talents (short student animated films).

As in the past years, the submission process can be done online. You can find the entry form here.

You can find the regulations here.

The deadline for submissions is August 5th, 2022.

Traditionally, with the call for submissions open, the festival presents its new visual identity! This year it was prepared by the French artist Boris Labbé.

Boris Labbé was born in 1987 in France. He lives and works in southwest of France. Boris Labbé’s work is characterized by hybridization, combining the use of digital moving image techniques with those specific to animated film. This approach, somewhere between tradition and innovation, forms an original and vibrant language, prone to improvisation and the calculation of probabilities, questioning the problems of representation, the relationship between painting and cinema, between music and dance, between the body and animals, plants, and minerals. Boris Labbé’s work forms a cinema of multiplicity. Repetition, re-presentation, collages, patterns, metamorphoses, perpetual movement, as well as constant citations of art history, literature, and philosophy, have all become essential resources of his audiovisual language.

His films and video installations have received about fifty awards and honours from around the world. His short film The Fall was selected in special screenings at the 57th Semaine de la Critique, Cannes Festival.

As for his visual for this year’s Animateka, he says:
»The visual is inspired by an animation project I may develop in the future: Docile Bodies. It’s a sort of a metaphorical vision, where society may be seen as a strange moving castle, a huge colourful weaving machine, where humans are like nodes inside the web, reacting to some codes, language, or abstract patterns. So maybe life can be seen as weaving…«

You can read more about Labbé’s work on his webpage:

Let the countdown begin!