Pitching for beginners: Tips & Tricks

Speaker: Anna Vášová, producer, scriptwriter, tutor (CZ)

How does one go about creating and delivering a successful pitch? Anna Vášová, a producer, scriptwriter and tutor with a wealth of experience, gives a talk for beginner filmmakers on what to bear in mind when preparing for a pitch.


Anna Vášová started as a script executive for the Czech TV. She also lectured at the Academy of Performing Arts and wrote scripts for the theatre/TV/radio. Later she headed the production arm of Barrandov Studios and became the Director of Programmes for the Czech TV. From there, she moved for 15 years to Eurovision in Geneva, where she coordinated over 50 co-productions across 86 TVs in 56 countries. After her return to Prague in 2015, Anna became a member of the Czech TV Director’s Advisory board, led two sectors at the Visegrad Animation Forum and served as member of the FAMU Artistic Board. She also returned to independent scriptwriting, script-advising and tutoring. In 2018 Anna set up the animation production company 13ka (13ka.eu) together with the fresh producer Karolina Davidova. Since then, Anna has worked there as a producer, scriptwriter and script editor. She occasionally lectures at FAMU, acts as an expert for MEDIA programme, and participates at festivals and workshops as a tutor or a jury member.

The event is part of CEE Animation Experience @AnimatekaPRO.

November 30 @ 11:45
11:45 (1h)

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