Animate the Future

TAM-TAM Poster Gallery
Slovenska ploščad
25. 11.–25. 12. 2022
Exhibition Opening: 25. 11. 2022, 17.00

Animateka asked artists to send in their messages and visions on the theme “Animate the future”. Works have been sent in that criticize the impacts of consumerism on the environment. In it, a flying chicken with a blazing torch seeks to calm, liberate, and energize us so that we feel in control of our own life. People that seek the intersection of their internal and exterior environments. The shield can be incredibly transparent, serving as a window through which world events can be observed. There is still a chance that we won’t cause the sixth mass extinction by eradicating all life on Earth. As a result, we present 18 animated posters that come to life with augmented reality.

Exhibition created in collaboration with ANIMATED WOMEN/WORLD and supported by TAMTAM City Poster.

Augmented Reality Art Exhibition

Artworks in this exhibition are digitally extended. Open the app and point your phone at the marked artworks to make them come to life.

How it works:

  1. Install the Artivive app.
  2. View the artwork through your smartphone.

Cosmina-Ionela Sandu, fine artist, Romania

you eat what you are  

you eat what you are is an animated poster criticizing the consumerist culture and its effects for the future of our planet.

Anna Benner, artist & filmmaker, Germany

What do we burn when the world is already on fire?

We live in a world that seems to slide from one dumpster fire into the next, leaving many of us feeling frustrated, angry and hopeless. Perhaps what we need is a flying chicken with a burning torch to soothe, liberate and animate us into feeling our own power?

Hana Marn, animator, Slovenia


Dissolving into everyday.

Urša Čuk, creative designer, Slovenia

Shifting Away

We live in the illusion of a utopian present that is turning into a dystopian past.

We are not aware of our transience. We evaluated it in terms of time to make it easier to understand. Our essence is arrogance. We think that everything revolves around us and that the image of the universe is made according to man. However, our end of time is drawing nearer. When our downfall becomes more real, which is completely insignificant, then we will be aware of our transience.

Tiomatsa Ylarie, animator, illustrator, Cameroon


Recovery is my vision of the future. A future where everything will somehow return to their initial state.

That is, nature taking control over every technology and biological improvements. Some people say things will all disappear from the surface of the earth including humanity, some talk about dark holes or any other probabilities about the end of our beautiful planet. True or not, for me there is hope for a gradual recovery with every living thing. A great fight of nature against destruction. And this fight also comes with human consciousness for without nature, no living thing will exist. Recovery simply represents the human’s interest in making the world a better place by merging symbolically with mother nature for our future and that of other species depended on her.

Andreja Benedejčič, illustrator, visual artist, Slovenia

As within so without   

It’s about experiencing the world from within. Center & focus, confronting, running away.

I was searching for the borderline between internal and external worlds. The shield can be very transparent, and an individual is a medium for world events to see through. There is danger outside, the human world is messy and loud. With this work I wished to explore the borders of feeling the external world inside and how people affect the Earth. Each person is its own weather bubble walking around and interacting with the outside world. We all know what’s going on in the age of Anthropocene and how much we are affecting the great outdoors of our individual existence.

Lara Orel Pogačar, graphic designer, Slovenia


I tried to think about what is the thing I would most like to change in the future.

All the catastrophes that burden us in the modern world aside, I believe sticking together and taking care of each other is what will get us through it all.

Lučka Kenda, high school student, Slovenia

La vie en rose

Although we might destroy our planet to the point of the 6th mass extinction, the hope of preserving some form of life remains.

Veronica Solomon, animation director, Germany


There once was a folk that grew like a tumour and its offspring ran away to find a better future.

Ana Karlin, designer, animator, Slovenia

The future is bright

In a cynical way, the poster represents the future that we seem to be condemned too.

Ethan Barretto, animator, United States

the swim lesson

Stopmotion-animated modeling clay.

Bibi Erjavec, animator, illustrator, Slovenia

Plugged in        

Stop motion animation of a lone nervous system at the end of time getting overwhelmed by technology.

Merike van de Vijver, animator, designer, United Kingdom


The Future is in the Water.

Isabel Rudek, graphic designer, Germany


I created a poster inspired by dating apps, in which you can choose your perfect partner with different body parts. In the end the chooser can decide whether they would like to have a person with all fitting body parts or a totally wild creature.

Rodrigo Santos, graphic designer, animator, Portugal

Silent Chaos

Silent chaos is a representation of the chaotic present and the nearby future. Our daily lives are scattered, full of social problems, mental issues and economic insecurities. Our minds need to be strong and fortified, but at times it seems a glitch of sensibility shines through.

Manu Weiss, creative XR producer, Switzerland

Clean Up Space

We humans like to leave a huge mess everywhere we go, even in space.

Moïra Scheidegger, animator, Switzerland

Back to Nature

It’s important for everyone of us to care for our mental health once in a while.

Nathalie Robet, motion designer, Germany


Refuge and safety provided by the heavens’ canopy.