Opening of Animate the Future exhibition already this Friday!


TAM-TAM Poster Gallery

Slovenska ploščad

25. 11.–25. 12. 2022

Exhibition opening: 25. 11. 2022, 17.00

Milestones such as pandemics, wars, economic and environmental crises, which we have faced in recent years, make us more and more insecure about our future. They make us think about our own place in society and the changes we want to see in the future. In times of fear and anxiety, we need to find strength in each other. That’s why Animateka issued a call for visions of the future in the form of 5-30 second animated posters that come to life with an augmented reality layer. The best submissions will be showcased in the TAM-TAM Poster Gallery.

Our goal is to create a space for discussion, reflection and positive action, and a safe space where people who feel marginalized, silenced, and/or oppressed can share their stories, thoughts, and struggles in a way that is accessible and relatable. We believe that art and especially animation is a powerful tool to raise awareness about the issues around us and help others understand what they might not know about themselves or others.

In collaboration with the Animated Women initiative and TAM-TAM Institute.