The opening of Lea Vučko’s exhibition Making of The Legend of Goldhorn


DLUL Gallery, Breg 22
2. 12.–11. 12. 2022
Exhibition opening: 2. 12. 2022, 18.00

Tuesday-Friday: 10.00-18.00
Monday, Saturday and Sunday: 10.00-14.00

Free Entry.

Born in the land of the Goldhorn (Bohinj, Slovenia), Lea Vučko is the director and animator behind the animated short The Legend of Goldhorn. Its artwork mimics painting on glass using oil colours, with Lea having created her own digital brushes to draw more than 10,000 colourful frames.

The exhibit shows what usually remains invisible, behind the curtains: a myriad of details and the work it takes to make a film. From sketches and research into real locations, to plans and the storyboard… It took four years to bring to life, in just under 14 minutes, the local myth that has followed Lea since childhood.