Animation workshops

Animation Production Workshop with Nikki Schuster - Experimental Animation Workshop “Recyclers”

Where: Slovenian Cinematheque

When: 20.–24. 11. 2023, 15.00–19.00

Age: 15+

Assistant: Lene Lekše


The animation film and sound artist Nikki Schuster lives and works in Berlin. In 2001, she founded her animation label “Fiesfilm”. In addition to producing her own films, she works as motion designer and conducts workshops for animated filmmaking.

In this 5-day workshop, we will animate a short film with collected material from Ljubljana. The film will start with a frame-by-frame pan shot from the sky down to the streets, ending in a close-up view from an urban background. There, little creatures will appear that are animated with the waste collected in the streets. They will either talk or perform to urban sounds.