BAP collective: Masterclass and film programme


Masterclass: BAP Collective
Slovenian Cinematheque
1. 12. at 12.30
Speakers: Alexandra Ramirez, Vasco Sá, Laura Gonçalves

BAP was created in 2011 as the animation studio of Bando à Parte. In 2018 it became autonomous as a cooperative: BAP ANIMATION STUDIO – an animation production company, formed by a collective of directors, animators and storytellers who believe in the power of collaboration. Since its inception, it has been responsible for the creation of several auteur animation short films whose quality and artistic diversity has gained national and international recognition.


Film programme BAP: Master Storytellers
Length: 78′
Slovenian Cinematheque
1. 12. at 17.00

Saje / Fuligem / Soot
Directed by: David Doutel, Vasco Sá
Short synopsis:
It’s like soot that rests on the walls of our head. We can’t see it. It belongs there already.

Zvoki iz predalov / Das Gavetas Nascem Sons / Sounds from the Drawers
Directed by: Vitor Hugo Rocha
Short synopsis:
In the beginning there was an object, a very special collective instrument with 42 drawers and boxes and other furniture pieces where sound came from… mechanical, elective, soft, noisy and mysterious. And from these sounds, pictures came in a synchronization exercise without ever losing ourselves in the corridors of memories kept in the drawers.

Globok vdih / Alento / Deep Breath
Directed by: Leonor Pacheco
Short synopsis:
During the late hours of the night a form tries to fall asleep. Struggling to maintain control, it gets trapped into vicious cycles of abstract madness, visually and audibly growing into a visceral and bizarre conflict between compression and decompression.

Directed by: Alexandre Siqueira
Short synopsis:
Oscar is a child germinating in its parent’s garden. Its body is developing underground. Nobody knows its biological sex but he wants to be a boy. One day, Oscar gets out of the ground and discovers his female body. After this painful discovery, is his desired identity finally going to be accepted?

Directed by: David Doutel, Vasco Sá
Short synopsis:
A Garrano horse is forced to pull a heavy load in the blazing sun; young boy Joel discovers a man who is about to set a forest on fire.

Smetar / O Homem do Lixo / The Garbage Man
Directed by: Laura Gonçalves
Short synopsis:
On a hot August afternoon, the family gathered at the table remembers uncle Botão: the Colonial War, emigration to France, where he lived and worked for thirty years as a garbage man.

Moon Mole
Directed by: group work
Short synopsis:
A curious mole explores the world around him.
Realised by 12th-grade students, under the guidance of Laura Gonçalves, Alexandra Ramires, Dimitrije Mihajlović and Leonor Pacheco.

Ana Morphose
Directed by: João Rodrigues
Short synopsis:
A little girl reads herself to sleep. As she dozes off, the physical world starts melting into an alternate reality where the contents of a book rule over the laws of physics. Ana has to escape being swallowed by the overwhelming accumulation of printed knowledge and find her own space in a world where nothing is what it seems.

Alexandra Ramires has been working in animation since 2009. In 2013, she arrived in Porto to work in the animation studios of the production company Bando à Parte, which later became a cooperative – BAP Animation Studio – of which she is a founding member. In her professional career, she has worked on several international award-winning films. Água Mole (2017), co-directed with Laura Gonçalves, is her first animation film. Elo (2020) is her first film as a solo director. Both films have had a great national and international run at festivals such as Cannes, Toronto and Animafest Zagreb, winning around 50 awards.

Vasco Sá was born in Porto in 1979. With rooted ancestry in the northern mountainous region of Portugal, he spent the first eighteen years of his life at Trás-os-Montes (Behind-the-Mountains), before he moved to Porto, where he got his master’s degree in Sound and Image from the School of Arts (UCP). It was in this context that he met David Doutel, with whom he has co-directed several projects awarded nationally and internationally, more specifically the shorts The Shoemaker (2011, PT/ES), Soot (2014, PT), Augur (2018, PT/FR) and Garrano (PT/LT), their most recent work. Since 2011 he has been collaborating with the production company Bando à Parte, where he has integrated in the team of multiple films of different authors, both in the artistic and production departments. He is one of the founders of BAP-Animation Studio, where he works as a director and producer, together with David Doutel. Both are currently working on their first animated feature film. He likes to see mountains in front of him.

Laura Gonçalves obtained her degree in Fine Arts in Lisbon in 2009. After working in several animation films as inbetweener and art finalist, she applied to the Animation MA at Arts University Bournemouth, where she directed her first animation short Three Weeks in December. In 2013, she moved to Porto, where she worked in BAP as an animator and painter, for several productions of BANDO A PARTE. In 2016 she co-directed, with Alexandra Ramires (Xá), the animation short Drop by Drop. Her film The Garbage Man premiered in 2002. With Alexandra Ramires, she is now co-directing their most recent animation, Percebes, produced by BAP Animation Studio (producers Alexandra Ramires, Laura Gonçalves, David Doutel and Vasco Sá), a production cooperative of which she is one of the founding members.