Children Jury

Lia Mei Butala

I’m 11 years old and I’m in Year 6 of the Prule Primary School. In my spare time, I like to read, draw, and watch all sorts of films except horror films. I play the harp, volleyball, and take contemporary dance lessons. At home, I have two cats, who are very sweet.

Teodor Marković

I’m in Year 6 of primary school, where my favourite subjects are Art and Slovene language. I love to draw, read, swim in the sea, and play with my dog Žuža, and I also like to watch a good film. I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter (I’ve read all the books eight times) and Lego, especially the big sets. Ever since I was little, I’ve taken inclusive judo classes at the Sankaku Club, and my new hobby is playing the guitar.

Adam Copič

Hi, I’m Adam and I’m in Year 7 of the Rihard Jakopič Primary School in Ljubljana. I like to draw and make up new fantasy characters. I love spending time with my friends and do animations with them. I like to swim and just generally enjoy water. I’m interested in Japanese and Korean cultures. My favourite film is “Luca”, I never get tired of this wonderful story.

Mila Golubović

Hi, my name is Mila and I’m 9 years old. I love to draw, dance, and play with my friends. I also like going to school and taking music lessons, but they just take up too much time.

Insan Salihović

My name is Insan Salihović, I’m from Ljubljana, I’m 12 years old and I go to the Vič Primary School. In my spare time, I play volleyball and the guitar, I like to draw and read comics. When I attended an animation workshop, one thing I liked about it was that we recycled waste to use it in our animation.