Linda hoče piščanca! / Linda veut du poulet ! / Chicken for Linda!, 8+

Linda hoče piščanca! / Linda veut du poulet ! / Chicken for Linda!, 8+


Linda is unfairly punished by her mother, Paulette, who will do anything to make it up to her. Even a chicken with peppers when she can't cook. Linda absolutely wants to have the chicken that her father made that day... But there is a strike, and the shops are closed.
From a henhouse to a watermelon truck, from a zealous cop to an allergic truck driver, from a grandmother to a flood, Paulette and her daughter will set off in search of the chicken, dragging along the entire “Linda gang” and ultimately the entire neighbourhood.
But Linda doesn't know that this chicken, once cooked so well by her father, is the key to her lost memory... By the way, does anyone know how to kill a chicken?

This is a film that can’t sit still, like a fidgety child; the unruly, outspoken kid who gets sent to the corner for disrupting the class. But such children are often the most sensitive and need to be protected. We have taken the liberty of depicting them differently depending on the scene and the scale of the shots. The characters can be portrayed most simply when far away, and much more realistically when seen up close. They are rendered as black line drawings identified by single colors: yellow for Linda, orange for Paulette [...]. This visual representation is simple and fun, and we feel it is a nice way of addressing diversity: the kind of diversity that is not related to ethnic origins, but rather to personality and the characters as individuals.
And when seen from very far away, the characters can sometimes just appear as simple colored blobs, like stickers. And all kids love stickers!

Chicken for Linda! is an ode to freedom, to revolution, to disorder, even anarchy. This vitality spreads like an oil slick that coats everything it encounters: rules, common sense, the Establishment. A film that takes us back to our childhood, like the characters who, as the story progresses, regress from responsible adults to fearful, lying, cheating individuals who reveal their weaknesses, unafraid of ridicule.
It’s an offbeat film with a sharp sense of absurdity and satire. A film that takes several tangents as its tone passes from serious to a sense of wonder, told with humor that is, at times, tainted with melancholy, to touch the inner child deep inside all of us.

Awards and festivals (selection):
- Best Feature Cristal, Annecy IAFF 2023
- Gan Foundation Award for Distribution, Annecy IAFF 2023
- European Animated Feature Film 2023 Nominee
- Grand Prix Nominee, Ottawa IFF 2022

Film info

Directed by: Chiara Malta, Sébastien Laudenbach
Production: Dolce Vita Films/Miyu Productions/France 3 Cinéma/Palosanto Films
Festival programme: Animated Feature Films
Year: 2023
Length: 76'
Country: France, Italy