Flow VR

Flow VR


Flow invites you to surrender to the whims of the wind on a seemingly ordinary day, concealing within its turbulence a captivating night in the life of a woman, portrayed through the dance of air currents. The interplay of scents, warmth, respiration, and both natural and artificial gusts of wind, influenced by invisible forces, renders the imperceptible tangible. These atmospheric movements unveil a sequence of events inviting us to follow the woman on her meanderings, plunging us into a realm crafted entirely from air. However, as the storm subsides and the woman awakens from what transpires to have been a dream, her world is no longer the same.

Film info

Directed by: Adriaan Lokman
Production: Lucid Realities/Valk Productions
Festival programme: VR Competition
Year: 2023
Length: 15'40''
Country: France, Netherlands

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