Kabaret is an interactive VR experience about synchronized coral spawning, and a singing shrimp’s worries about the future. It’s a playful and explorative journey from the edge of our galaxy to the depths of our oceans. We strum out a chime on glowing phytoplankton, swim through a portal of seafood aspic – the titular “Kabaret”, a dish once popular in Norway – and are carried by the moon to a coral reef in mating season. But all is not well here. Can we help save the coral’s yearly spawning? Part musical, part documentary, Kabaret invites us to indulge our curiosity of the natural world, and reflect on our relationship to it.

Film info

Directed by: Gina Thorstensen
Production: Loddenland Studio
Festival programme: VR Competition
Year: 2023
Length: 17'
Country: Norway

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