Missing 10 Hours

Missing 10 Hours


How could it have happened, in a public space and in the company of people who call themselves friends? This is the question that always arises in response to yet another news story about date rape. But rape cases like this often involve more people than just the perpetrator and the victim. Missing 10 Hours makes you realize how much the decision and actions of bystanders can drastically influence the course of an evening.
In this interactive VR piece, the viewer is led on a night out by Greg, a big-headed guy with bad intentions. He spikes 22-year-old Mara’s drink with the drug GHB, and she gradually loses control of her actions. A walk through the night ends in a backstreet, where Greg maneuvers Mara into a dark corner. The choices the viewer makes during the evening—go along with Greg, watch passively or intervene—determine the outcome: a safe ending, or arrest and questioning at the police station.

Film info

Directed by: Fanni Fazakas
Production: RumeXR/Match Frame Productions
Festival programme: VR Competition
Year: 2022
Length: 17'
Country: Hungary, New Zeland

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