Kvartet v mojem ušesu / 耳に棲むもの / My Inner Ear Quartet

Kvartet v mojem ušesu / 耳に棲むもの / My Inner Ear Quartet


What lives in the ears of a lonely boy? And why in a boy's ear?
Every day the boy dug in the dirt and collected what he found in a cookie tin. In his notebook, he recorded his life and the lonely voices of the things he found. Behind his ears lived four musicians and two shrimps that lived in a lace-shaped kairou-dou hole. They encouraged the boy by playing and dancing whenever he shed a tear. In return, he would shake the cookie tin filled with found objects. In this way, the boy grew up.
As an adult, the boy became a salesman selling hearing aids and no longer picked up lonely voices or shed tears. One day, he saw a brooch on TV news, a handmade bird brooch found in a Japanese American internment camp, and was fascinated by it. What did he find there?

Film info

Directed by: Koji Yamamura
Production: Kodansha VR Lab
Festival programme: VR Competition
Year: 2023
Length: 35'
Country: Japan

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